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On this page you can find our school policies. The majority are reviewed on a regular basis and are then updated accordingly.

Admissions Policy (Dec 2017)

Charging and Remissions Policy 2017 DRAFT (3).pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy [Oct 2017]


Children’s Charter [Nov 2017]

Attendance Jul 2017.pdf

Attendance Policy [Jul 2017]

Internet Jul 2017.pdf

Internet Policy [Jul 2017]

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Rewards and Sanctions Jul 2017.pdf

Rewards and Sanctions Policy [Jul 2017]

Behaviour Policy Reviewed Feb 2017.pdf

Behaviour Policy (in the process of being reviewed)


Safeguarding [Jun 2017]

Antibullying Jul 2017.pdf

Anti Bullying Policy [Jul 2017]

Data Protection Jul 2017.pdf

Data Protection [Jul 2017]

Inclusion Policy September  2017.pdf

Inclusion Policy [Sep 2017]

Curriculum Jul 2017.pdf

Curriculum Policy [Jul 2017]

General Complaints Procedure October 2017.pdf

General Complaints Pricedure [Oct 2017]

Equality Policy June 2017.pdf

Equality Policy [Jun 2017]